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The predictions game: WR Laurent Robinson

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We're off and running with our annual player predictions for our favorite players from the St. Louis Rams. So far, we've taken a stab at 2010 numbers for Steven Jackson (here) and James Laurinaitis (here). I'll give you until Friday to make predictions for those two guys, and we'll post a round up as we get closer to the start of the season. 

Today, let's jump back to the offense and tackle one of the wide receivers, Laurent Robinson

Robinson leads the 10 players competing for the 5 or 6 wide receiver spots on the final roster in stats from the young preseason with 2 catches for 27 yards...not that preseason stats mean much. 

Based on what little experience he had with the Rams last season, Robinson enters the 2010 season as the de facto starter. There's good reason for him being cemented into his starting spot though. Robinson has great hands, explosive speed and the ability to pick up those all precious yards after the catch. 

One of the knocks on Robinson coming to the Rams was his route running ability. He's quietly emerged with a solid skill set in that department, and the biggest question mark surrounding him now is whether or not he can stay healthy. Part of his health problems come from his physical style of play and a knack for working well in traffic, a trait that goes well with Sam Bradford's accuracy. If he can stay healthy, he should be the Rams #1 receiver. 

Let's talk stats. After a sweet debut game last year, Robinson was lost for the season before the second half of the Rams week 3 game against Green Bay. If you average his receptions and yards over his first two games last season, Robinson would have finished the year with 88 catches and 1,128 yards and somewhere around 8 TDs. That would assume, of course, that the Rams had a stable QB situation and a more balanced offense. Those will again be factors in Robinson's 2010 season. 

So, make your prediction, including Receptions - Receiving Yards - TDs, in the comments below. You can also hit us up on Twitter