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Rams training camp: Fights break out as intensity builds for the Rams

It was a spirited practice session for the St. Louis Rams today, with tempers flaring on more than one occasion. Elevated tempers can mean a couple of things. I hope that in this case it indicates the players' intensity and determination, rather than disunity and self-interest. Given where the Rams are in practice, I think it's safe to infer the former. Let's take a quick look.

Brian Stull reports that today's practice included a fight card of Chris Long versus Jason Smith, Hank Fraley versus Gary Gibson and Steven Jackson versus Gary Gibson. Smith had a rough night Saturday, in case you forgot, and has high expectations to live up to. Reading between the lines, his fisticuffs hopefully are a by product of his intensity in getting where he needs to be with his performance. 

Sando has a more in-depth recap of the brawling today. He also gets Jacob Bell's perspective on the line's struggles last week. 

There were a couple of new, day-to-day injuries occurring today. DE George Selvie, having an impressive rookie debut so far, is having an x-ray on his lower leg, an injury that's been bugging him for a few days now. S Kevin Payne, friend of TST, "dinged" his knee.