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Will Westbrook pick the Rams? Decision coming today

Lest anyone accuse me of being derelict in my duty of paying Brian Westbrook's bus fare, it's worth reminding you that today is supposed to be the day that the former Eagles running back make his decision as to where he'll be playing in 2010. 

In the hours just before the Rams preseason opener, ESPN's John Clayton reported that Westbrook was likely to sign with the Rams on Monday. Billy Devaney quickly walked back those expectations. 

After watching the Rams without Steven Jackson, I'm not so sure that Westbrook wouldn't be a great addition. The gaggle of names behind SJ39 on the depth chart failed to impress in the running game as well as pass protection. As far as where Westbrook will end up, it's worth noting that Devaney's statement sounded very much like Mike Shanahan's, who said

Like I told you, I'm not sure what direction he's going. But we've been entertaining that option.

Washington and St. Louis were believed to be the lead horses in the race, but reports today are suggesting that the Bills and the 49ers could be options, though after watching Anthony Dixon I'm not sure why the Niners would be interested. It's also worth noting that Brian Stull of ESPN 101 said that the Rams were not optimistic about their chances of signing Westbrook.