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The predictions game: MLB James Laurinaitis

  Van kicked off the annual stat projection series last week with Steven Jackson; you can still head over there if you didn't get yours in.  Today, though, I'm taking it to the other side of the ball.

  If Jackson is the leader on offense (until Sam assumes the throne, that is), then Laurinaitis is the field marshal for the D.  After a rookie season in which he was largely ignored by the national media mainly due to the fact his team only won one game, Laurinaitis should get a chance at more league-wide recognition this year if the Rams can get their act together as a whole.

  So make your prediction: all you have to do is put in the stats in the subject of your comment and use the body for any explanation.  The sequence is as follows:

Solo tackles - total tackles - interceptions - sacks - forced fumbles - pass deflections

For reference, his numbers from last year were:

107 - 120 - 2 - 2.0 - 1 - 5