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Random Ramsdom: 8/16/2010

It's Monday again. That means general slacking off while your supposed to be doing work, going to TST to get your Rams fix on, and shenanigans that just wouldn't happen on Tuesday, which everyone knows is the real start of the work week. Take a quick glance back to make sure the boss isn't looking, and dive into these links:

  • Only one year removed, but the 2009 OT Draft class is shaping up to be...well, not very good at all. Maybe JaMarcus was gaining all that weight because he thought some desperate team would sign him as a OT.
  • If anyone says Sam Bradford passed his first test, they must mean his shoulder held up to the punishment. He didn't moan about the horrendous offensive line play, because it would be pretty stupid to bite the hand that feeds him THIS early in the season. But will it last? Leave that to Florio:

Whether Bradford is as charitable after he's been tossed around all year like Rottweiler with a rag doll remains to be seen.

That's all for this morning. Check back later for more Rams news, and of course, go Rams!

(3k's extra links):

 - The AP has a story up on the futile offense (or the offensive futility?) from Saturday.

 - From the P-D, one of the more interesting battles this preseason is the fight in the secondary.  Making it tougher is the fact that the unit is covered in injuries, adding another victim on Saturday: 3rd-round draft pick Jerome Murphy.

 - I'm just gonna pass along the headline on this one (from the P-D also): Offensive line is big early concern

 - The Niners beat the Colts last night in Indy, 37-17.  The story was the QB play.  Peyton is Peyton, but Colts backup Curtis Painter threw a trio of interceptions.  More interesting for the Rams was the Niners' QBs.  Alex Smith actually finished with a worse QB rating than Painter, going 3-9 with an interception and earning just two first downs.  David Carr, who with Peyton and Smith was the third #1 overall pick to come into the game, had the best game overall, going 9 for 11 with a TD.  I know it's too early to suggest there's a QB battle in San Francisco....but is there a QB battle in San Francisco?!?!?!!

 - Arguably the most intersting QB battle is going to be waged in Denver.  With Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn and wunderkind Tim Tebow all vying for the job, Josh McDaniel is going to have to make a career-defining choice, at least as it pertains to his career in Denver.  Out of the three, Quinn looked the worst in the Broncos' 33-24 loss to the Bengals last night.  Of course the big story is going to be Tebow's rushing TD on the final play of the which he absolutely knocked the can shit out of Cincy safety Kyries Hebert.  I'm not saying it's going to happen, but a 2012 Super Bowl between the Rams and the Broncos would have some ridiculous storylines.

 - I should be heading out of Iraq in less than a week...I think the Secretary of Defense got my letter begging him to let me get home in time for football season.  Good stuff.  Holler, and go Rams.