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Let's Have Some Faith In Our St. Louis Rams

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The St. Louis Rams first preseason game didn't go exactly as planned. It was easy to be excited before the game started. The Rams had a lot of new faces and we had their franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford. However when the game ended instead us giving us hope for the future, the game against the Minnesota Vikings felt strangely like Deja Vu. The last  regular season game the Rams played  they totaled 109 yards.

This season started with a whimper the Rams had 150 total yards of offense and allowed 300 yards to Sage Rosenfels. At first glance it would be easy to say those silly Ram's here they go again. I understand why everyone was letdown by Saturdays game, but it was the first of four preseason games. Let's see if we can find some positives in this game.

*Hint majority of this will be about Sam Bradford.*

Let's start off on defense. The Ram's front seven has improved since last season. Larry Grant was a beast on the field, he should become a good sidekick to James Laurinaitis. The front four is playing better than last year. Maybe Chris Long will have that breakout season.

Other than Larry Grant the biggest surprise has George Selvie he could end up a real steal. His stats from the Vikings game:  4 tackles, 1 sack and a forced fumble. Not bad for a 7th round pick. Now if the other Ram rookie DE's want to show flashes during the preseason that would be great.

The secondary was picked apart. The Rams three starting corners were sidelined with injuries, and  SS James Butler  also was out with an injury. Even though the Rams surrendered a lot of yards to Sage Rosenfels . Jerome Murphy and Marquis Johnson got game time experience. I think the Ram secondary is better this season with more talent. The health of our secondary will need to improve if the Ram's want to have a good defense.

After the game it became clear that the offense still needed work.. I do know one thing though and that is that the Rams realized that if Steven Jackson get injured it will be all bad for our offense. Chris Ogbonnaya is a good pass option but he isn't very good running option yet. Chris is an athlete though  pretty fast and has good hands. He was converted to running back from wide receiver when he played for Texas, The Rams are very high on him and hope he can develop into a better runner. Also it is to be noted that Chris Ogbonnaya lead the game in catches for the Rams.

Now let's talk about Sam Bradford. Bradford had a good game. The receivers didn't get much separation from the corners, and Bradford got sacked four times. If Bradford would have stayed in the game for much longer we wouldn't have to worry about him starting week 1.

Sam Bradford did show a certain poise in the backfield. When he got sacked he hoped back up and he showed good accuracy. His best passes of the night were when he was in shotgun  He usually checked down to Chris Ogbonnaya, When Bradford did this it reminded me of last season. Rather that was Bradford not seeing an open man or no receiver  was open I don't know. The good thing is that Bradford was 4-6 on his first drive.

=Sam Bradford only had an okay game stat wise. However it will be up to the WR's and the O Line to play better if Sam is going to have success. Bradford didn't have anything bad to say about the offensive line and said the tape will help solve the mistakes. With comment's like that how can you not love Bradford.

So the question still remains for the Ram's will they start Sam Bradford sooner than later? Well Steve Spagnuolo has repeatedly said that the best QB will play against the Cardinals. A.J Feeley had a horrible couple of drives finishing with 50 percent completions and almost two interceptions. Sam Bradford had better stats than Feeley and the offense played better under him. Then Sunday Spags said that the QB decision will come down to how well the offensive line blocks. Even though Sam Bradford was the best QB on the field for the Ram's he got sacked 4 times. The best solution for this is to put him in with the first team offense by the third preseason game. If the rest of the preseason plays out like it did against the Vikings than Sam Bradford should earn the first QB spot before the Ram's play the Cardinals. That sounds like real good news to me.