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Rams likely to add Westbrook; is that a good thing?

It sounds like Brian Westbrook will be the latest former Eagles player to join the St. Louis Rams. Westbrook gives the Rams experience behind Steven Jackson, who has dealt with injuries in the recent past and is someone the Rams would like to keep around for as long as possible.

Westbrook, given his familiarity with the offense and desire to play, will also be getting a few more carries on weekly basis than a true backup. Westbrook could get as many as 10-12 carries per game, or, to put it another way, he'll be taking the ball out of Steven Jackson's hands on some of those carries. To me, that's a move that has pros and cons. 

On the plus side, saving wear and tear on Jackson is a good thing. Westbrook keeps SJ39 from having to bear the brunt of the abuse in the run game. The former Eagle also knows the system and adds another dimension to the Rams attack. 

On the negative side of the ledger, Jackson's the best offensive weapon the Rams have. Why take the ball out of his hands any more than you have to? I realize the team won't be as one dimensional as the team last year, thanks to a certain rookie QB, but when Jackson's on the field, defenses pay attention. They have to. Thoughts?