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Random Ramsdom 8/14: Rams ready to roll

The excitement curve for preseason football starts high up on the y-axis. For the St. Louis Rams, that point is higher than usual with a talent rookie QB set to take his first NFL snap in tonight's preseason opener. Over the course of the next three preseason games, the curve drops dramatically as people lose interest watching backups compete for roster spots. Starting from high atop the y-axis, here's a look at all that matters for the Rams preseason tilt against the Minnesota Vikings tonight. 

Just in case you hadn't heard, yes, Sam Bradford will play for most of the first half, after Feeley runs through a couple sets with the first team offense. And what kinds of things will head coach Steve Spagnuolo be looking for? Let's ask the coach:

Will he see the field like he has been doing in practice when the speed is a little quicker? Can he operate the 40-second clock? All of that will be kind of interesting. Then the obvious things: How he throws the football and how the receivers catch it.

Of all the units on the field, the secondary carries the dubious distinction of having the most players who will not see the field tonight. Ron Bartell is still recovering from a sprained ankle. Bradley Fletcher, Justin King and Marquis Johnson could also be sidelined tonight, meaning it's all backups playing in the secondary tonight. Good to get those guys reps though, especially for Jerome Murphy who has show a nice propensity for tackling and playing the press but needs work covering his man. 

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Speaking of the Vikes, their starters might not play much at all, possibly only a couple of series for each unit. 

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Take it for it's worth, but oddsmaker give the Rams a two-point advantage.

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Doug Farrar from Football Outsiders was kind enough to answer some questions about the Rams for TST; I'll have that interview up a little later today.