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Fantasy weekend: Falling for Fells

There are a couple of those wacky positions in fantasy football that can sometimes make your week or even your season; however, those positions can also be the ones you hope at the very least won't hurt you on a consistent basis. For a long time, the tight end was one of those positions. If you didn't grab one of the upper tier tight ends early in the draft - maybe because there was still a decent starting RB left - you had to settle for a guy who would have a good week here and there and at least come away without a costly fumble or two. 

As the NFL has become more and more of a passing league in recent seasons, tight ends have earned a little more respect from coaches. For fantasy GMs, that means you can find a quality starter even if you fail to land one of the big names. 

Rams tight ends start the season with some unrealized talent and question marks about how they'll perform. Atop the depth chart is Daniel Fells. Can Fells have an impact for your fantasy team?

Last season, Fells caught 21 passes for 273 yards and 3 TDs. Like the other offensive skill players, other than Steven Jackson, Fells' chances were felled by a sputtering, inconsistent offense. That figures to change with Sam Bradford at the helm. Add to that the fact that a rookie QB in Shurmur's West Coast system will likely be looking for his TE more so than past Rams QBs who cut their teeth in the Martz era.

Still, there a couple factors that might make me take a wait and see approach with Fells. The primary reason you might want to wait is to see how the position shakes out with several rookie vying for playing time and long on potential. 

Michael Hoomanawanui has shown some excellent hands in practice, which could make him a red zone option for the Rams. In fact, early in camp there was talk that he could unseat Fells at the top of the depth chart. There's also Fendi Onobun who isn't looking as raw as many observers thought he would. If he has a strong preseason, he will command a roster spot...and take some reps away from Fells.

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