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Preseason polling: how will the Rams fare against the NFC West?

Jumping off of VTRamsFan's piece form yesterday that asked what it would take to make Rams fans happy this season, today's poll narrows the scope. What are your expectations for the Rams within the division? How many games do we have to win to qualify our intradivision performance anything but a failure? Explain why you set the bar where you do in the comments.

And just an admin note - you may notice we've rearranged some of the things in the sidebars. We pulled the FanShots section up underneath the FanPosts to make sure they get seen, and our Twitter feed is just underneath. We also updated the links on the left side of the page. Things are starting to settle in for the season; I hope you're all ready. This is going to be a great year at TST. Stay tuned.