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Random Ramsdom: 8/12/2010

Well I don't know about anyone else, but I bit the bullet and purchased Madden 2011. The last Madden I bought was '09, considering I'm in the camp that says I don't feel like shelling out 59.99 for a roster update, and boy, it kinda feels like it. Sure the new age glam in the menu's is all there, but in essence, it's still the same game. I like the increased realism and fluidity of the animations, it looks more real. But it sure takes you out of the experience when you are bombarded by EA ad's for their games (seriously) and also 'boosters' which basically are cheats you pay for. With real money. Or the fact that, despite the 90 degree weather, everyone is wearing long jeans and sweatshirts. Are all the fans from Death Valley?

I lost to the Cardinals 38-28 in the first game of the season, mainly because of 3 INT's (All-Pro difficulty)...the receivers could barely get any separation from the CB's during the first half. Anyway, onto the links!

  • Don't look now, but more and more and more pieces of the GSOT have migrated to Chicago. Martz, Lovie Smith, Isaac Bruce. That team is definitely going all out this year. 
  • This is an older article, but one that bears mentioning just for this fact: The projected starting offensive lineman have had barely any, if at all, time to play together. This is arguably the most important part of the offense (with Steven Jackson the centerpiece and Sam Bradford perilously needing to stay upright throughout the year). If they fall apart before the season begins, it's already over.
  • Ramsgab takes a look at the QB's on the team. Can Thad Lewis stick on the team? You'll just have to read Jeff's take to figure it out!
  • Ramsherd thinks the Rams should stop playing footsy and sign Danario Alexander already. It's not like it's a clear cut playing field for WR anyway. Throw them all in the fire and let them duke it out. May the best player win.

That's it for today. I'm looking to bounce back against the Raiders in Madden, and I just hope I don't get gouged on the ground...again.


(3k's updates)

 - One of the more interesting position battles that the staff will need to figure out is the weakside linebacker position where Larry Grant and Bobby Carpenter are working to earn the starting gig.  The P-D details some of Grant's motivation.

 - The AP's got a piece up on Togs and his itchiness to get on the field when it counts.  Let's hope it doesn't develop into a rash.

 - Steven Jackson wants to hit the ground running.  I apologize for ending this RR with a football pun, but hey, now your day has nowhere to go but up.  Go Rams.