What Would You Be Happy With in 2010?

Jackson1_medium Even though last year was one we all want to forget, the man staring you down on the left still had a great season last year, even though he was out two games with injury.

Sure, I wish he saw the endzone more, but hey, he got us our lone victory (also the powerful arm of Josh Brown too!).

Clearly last year was a disappointment. Admittedly, I expected more. Maybe I shouldn't have? It's debatable.

At any rate, as we've discussed here many times, I wonder what would have happened if Dick Vermeil would have hung around. Perhaps Warner would be on the sidelines in his final NFL season right now helping get Bradford acclimated to taking over the reigns.

Maybe we would have had 3-4 superbowl victories as well. Maybe just maybe, we could have been a Dynasty in the post free agent era.

But sadly, we have to get back to reality and realize the Rams have been in a deep hole for many years due to poor drafts, expensive free agents and poor coaching.. mech! I don't even want to type that.

Here's the thing, with everything the Rams and YOU as a fan have been through, and realizing we're in full rebuilding mode, what exactly would make YOU happy this season? What would you PERSONALLY consider a successful 2010 season?

Obviously we all want the "Warneresque" season, cellar to champs ala the 1999 team, but the reality is.. that is pure fantasy. I'm being real here. I'm not asking you to give me your dream scenario, but only what would make you say, "Yes. I'm happy with where this team is going and our future."

3 wins? 5 wins? 2 wins and competitive play? Playoffs? Open up in the comments...

Here's my take:

If we can win 4-5 games (no less) with Bradford showing signs he IS the man, and if our offense can show up A LOT more than they did last year (in terms of points, emerging playmakers, and Shurmer opening things up more), and if our core players stay consistant and perhaps slight improvement (Laurenitis stay a beast, Jason Smith play more than 5 freaking snaps), and if we can stay healthy .. i'll be happy.

Even if our defense struggles a bit, I will at least be able to say there is a reason.. we focused primarily on offense in the draft.

I'm sure there's a lot I may be missing, but I'd love to get everyone's REALISTIC take on what they feel will be a successful 2010 campaign.