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Zany idea of the day: Trading for Darell Revis

Here's something else to chew on with your peanut butter sandwich at lunch today, and it comes from the realm of the purely speculative. Nevertheless, it's sure to get St. Louis Rams talking during the middle of a Wednesday afternoon.

Tim Klutsarits at the St. Louis Examiner throws out the idea of trading for Jets holdout Darrelle Revis.

The deal that I think would be fair is a sign and trade where the Jets make him the highest paid cornerback in the league and then trade him to the Rams for their #1 pick in 2011 and a later round pick. Would you do this if you were the Jets? Would you do this if you were the Rams?

He then runs down the reasons for and reasons against. It's pure fantasy, but it's worth a read, especially for those getting started with the Madden 11 franchise construction.