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Links from the league

  Football has kicked into high gear, people.  Well, maybe not high gear.  But it's not in neutral.  It's in high-neut.  And if you can't get excited about high-neut, well, I don't know what to tell you.

NFC West

 - Discussing the quarterbacks of the NFC West isn't going to die out anytime soon, so let me keep the wheels rolling.  If you were a 49ers fan, how would you feel about hearing, "Alex Smith had an Alex Smith practice today"?

 - Even if they're worried about Alex Smith, they do loves em some Singletary.

NFL general

 - Coolest training camp drill ever?  (Teaser: it involved Port-a-Potties)

 - Yesterday was NFL knee surgery day.  On hand to celebrate the festivites were the Ravens' Dominique Foxworth, who had an operation to repair his ACL, and Indianapolis C Jeff Saturday, who had arthroscopic surgery to clean out that stuff that grows in your belly button.  Foxworth will miss all of the 2010 season while Saturday could be out for a month or more.

 - Should the Jets fork up the sweet, salty cash for Darrelle RevisJohn B from Gang Green Nation says yes.

 - What are coaches looking to see out of their rookie safeties in camp and throughout the preseason?  A hell of a lot.

 - And the Shutdown Corner goes through a video from the NFL Network in which Warren Sapp exposes Albert Haynesworth's lack of effort during an 8-play drive on Monday Night Football last season.  Just another reminder that signing huge talents in the free agent market doesn't always produce huge results.

Get over your hump day, and get ready for the Sam Bradford era to begin.  Go Rams.