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Will the Rams make a move in the NFL Supplemental Draft?

The NFL Supplemental Draft will happen a week from today, Thursday, July 15. For those of you wondering, the supplemental draft is for players who either missed the deadline to file for the regular draft or for some reason have an eligibility issue for NCAA play. 

Yesterday, scouts from the St. Louis Rams were in Utah to see the marquee name in this year's supplemental draft, BYU running back Harvey Unga. It's no secret the Rams have been sniffing around the school's all-time leading rusher, given their need for a backup running back behind Steve Jackson. 

Unga fits the profile unofficially outlined by Steve Spagnuolo and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur as that of a runner who can catch ball well out of the backfield. 

The Dolphins, Steelers, Chiefs and a host of other NFL teams also have some interest in Unga. The key here is in what round a team will pick Unga. Remember, teams may draft use a pick from their stable of 2011 draft picks to select a player in the supplemental draft, so if a team uses a fifth round pick for Unga, they'll be without their fifth round pick next April. 

Of course, Unga isn't the only player in the NFL supplemental draft that could be of interest to the Rams. Illinois DT Josh Price-Brent worked out for 18 NFL teams yesterday. Mocking the Draft describes him as a "slow-footed plugger in the middle."