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Random Ramsdom: 7/8/2010

As the days start to get shorter, football creeps closer and closer...Hopefully everyone is enjoying the sunshine (and if you don't have any, well, sucks to be you) and the warm weather. If you are normally stuck in an office building like me, then enjoy looking out the windows. Any who, here are some tasty morsels for you to sink your teeth into today:
  • In case you haven't noticed, the Rams are having a little competition to name their mascot. Personally, I'd love to see something completely out their like Quintonieus Xeglias or Fitzwilliam Hobbson Esquire. Just something that would bring more media attention, because nobody has a guy dressed up in a Quintonieus the Ram costume.
  • Don't count out Brian Westbrook signing with a team (the Rams?) later on in the year especially if he is trying to keep his body in good shape.
  • Sam Bradford expects to be signed by camp, but I guess his agent thinks they can get it done fairly quickly, because Bradford doesn't think negotiations have even started yet. No biggie.
  • Should the Rams jump in on the LBJ2K10 aka "the decision"? For those who don't follow other sports news, I'm talking about LeBron (Yeah, first names get two letters now I guess) James epic saga that is his free agent status. Apparently he's a pretty good football player and he certainly would have star power...
  • Ramsherd takes a look at the Rams Ultimate Franchise Ranking. Part 1 and Part 2. It's not like you were expecting to be a fan of the #1 franchise...right?
  • Ramsherd also takes a look at some ex-Rams who could make an impact on other teams. No Marc Bulger!?
That's all for today, hopefully you will enjoy it and as always, Go Rams!