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Random Ramsdom: July 5th, 2010

Hopefully everyone had a good July 4th weekend, and hopefully everyone is still enjoying their July 4th weekend. If you could enjoy sleeping in (or unfortunately not), take a look at the following stories:
  • The Rams signed undrafted free agent Keith Toston. Whether or not this is a good thing, or even if he'll make the team this year are yet to be decided.
  • The Telegraph has a nice look back at Coach Coryell, and how he influenced the Rams.You could say that they never would have gotten to where they were without him. They most certainly however, could get where they are now, without anybody, coach or not.
  • Meanwhile, back in the Bat Cave, Lebron James continues to try to hold an entire league in the palm of his hand (with the assistance of some of his high school buddies, I should say). Could you imagine someone in the NFL with that type of power? Like if Tom Brady became a free agent at the age of 23 with the skills he has now...
  • Why can't we have this guy on our team? Talent or not- the Rams need that type of player on the team. Someone who is intense enough to fire people up, but not crazy enough to make people freak out. You know, like a mix of the Marc Bulger "really, really, ridiculously quiet leadership" and the Ray "I know how to dance and you'll WATCH IT" Lewis leadership qualities.
  • Former Ram Dre Bly signed with the Lions. And here you thought I probably couldn't find some legitimate way to name drop Scott Linehan almost two years after he was fired...well, think again!
That's it for now everyone. Enjoy the smoke-hazed morning of July 5th! Go Rams!