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How much stuff does an OT need for training camp?

St. Louis Rams offensive tackle Jason Smith arrived for training camp yesterday. Besides a clean bill of health, Smith unloaded a truckload of other stuff for a lengthy stay in the team hotel. 

And what kind of things does an OT need?

  • A yoga mat. Excellent, the Rams need a healthy Jason Smith to be competitive this year and keep Bradford on his feet. Core strength and conditioning is essential, and what better way to get there than yoga. 
  • A giant mug. Gotta stay hydrated.
  • Laundry detergent? Hard to tell what that is behind the giant mug, but it looks like a container of laundry soap. Does Jason Smith have to do his own laundry?
  • Could that be Pat Shurmur's playbook in the blue Rubbermaid tub?
  • I'm glad he doesn't, but it's surprising for a pickup truck without empty beer cans in the back.