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Bradford, Rams have "hiccups" in contract talks

The St. Louis Rams did not reach an agreement with QB Sam Bradford last night, and Bradford will not be on the field today with the rookies and assorted veterans. 

Adam Schefter reported that talks between Bradford and the Rams hit some "hiccups." What that means I don't know. 

However, keep an eye on the sky today because time is running out to get Bradford signed and into camp before practicing starts in full tilt with the whole team on Saturday. 

Speaking of rookies, Rams Herd takes a look at the Rams approach to bringing along rookie talent, i.e. making them earn their starting job. In short, an approach that keeps Bradford, and the other rookies, on the bench deep into the season could make the year even more painful than the last and burn up lots of the goodwill a fresh start has afforded fans.