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Did The Ram's Get Worse This Offseason? A Tevin Rant

I was doing a little digging last night, and I saw Mike Sando did an article on the St. Louis Rams. I won't lie Mike Sando is one of my favorite writers for Espn (even though he stays in seattle)and when he writes about the Ram's you I have to read it because most of the time he is accurate, but reading this article Are the Rams really any better? - NFC West Blog - ESPN really had me a little disheartened because most of what he said was on the money. Although I think they undervalued our rookies, At least they don't think that we are going 1-15..

In my personal opinion I think that the St. Louis Rams underachieved last season. With less than average talent all around the board, and rookie coaches in almost every spot it would be hard not to underachieve, and last but not least you had the injuries. While we do have many question marks left from last season, It's looking more likely that we will win more than 1 game next season and that is always a good thing. The St. Louis Rams found a few young gems last season like, Brandon Gibson and Laurent Robinson who came and contributed and should be making another step this season, plus our rookies should come in and help out rather on special teams or to give players a rest.

I'm not expecting Super Bowl ring this coming up season, nor am I expecting to finish in the top 5 this season I think that the front office has done enough this off season to give the Rams a chance in most of our games. We signed a few veterans and although they aren't elite many of them used to be starters or good role players and for a team lacking in talent adding depth this off season will make it so it won't be a serious dip in talent, Think of it this way if injuries hit the Rams again next season would you rather have Mardy Gilyard or Jordan Kent in the game, it's little bits of the puzzle like that, that will make this team respectable.

With that being said it,s time to put the dismal 2009 season away, and look towards the more promising future. I think this season will test our team more than than it did last year with all the youth still on team, but we have most of our core on the team now and if you aren't excited about training camp and preseason coming up then I don't know what to say to you. This is the best time for us to get our hopes up, I mean hell you never know we could make a turnaround like the 2008 Falcons, You never know in the NFL, oh and I think that the St. Louis Rams improved this season but time will tell.

The season begins anew for the St. Louis Rams Wednesday, are you ready for some football?