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T.O. watch continues: Random Ramsdom, 7/26

Happy T.O. day...or not, depending on your perspective. Today's the day that GM Billy Devaney and head coach Steve Spagnuolo are set to make a decision about the St. Louis Rams and Terrell Owens. Whether or not they'll actually sign him today remains to be seen; it sounds like they might just be formally deciding whether or not to make an offer. I guess we'll know soon enough.


Columnist Bernie Miklasz from the Post-Dispatch urges the Rams to pass on Owens, citing his history of openly criticizing quarterbacks as something the Rams can't afford while they're trying to ease Sam Bradford into the job. It's a risk without a doubt, and the Rams have to be certain that he's over his antics for sure.

MJD at Yahoo's Shutdown Corner blog thinks the opposite of Miklasz:

I guess the Rams noticed, and watching Owens try to contribute as a leader and mentor, to me, would be way more interesting than watching him try to just be a great receiver.

Here's a very reasoned take on the T.O. situation from Sando, who likes the move but wonders why Owens would want to land with a rebuilding team at 37. 

In non-T.O. news...

The Rams will announce the name of their mascot today.

Rookies report on Wednesday. Will Sam Bradford be reporting Wednesday?