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Just how interested in Terrell Owens are the Rams? (updated)

Just how serious are the St. Louis Rams about Terrell Owens? Reports earlier this evening suggested that the Rams were in hot pursuit. From ESPN's Chris Mortensen:

The St. Louis Rams have intensified discussions in hopes of signing free agent Terrell Owens, according to sources close to the player and team...

A high-ranking Rams official said a formal offer for Owens could come on Monday.

Pro Football Talk has "separately confirmed" the report via their sources. For NFL news that's a bit like getting it written in stone from the Moonies. A later report from Jason LaCanfora has a Rams source dubbing the T.O. talk "overzealous."

So which is it? Who knows. It sounds like at the very least that the Rams have engaged in some talks with Owens' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, who could of course be exaggerating the Rams' interest to make his client a little more of a priority for the Bengals.

A veteran receiver who knows the offense, route running, etc. would be a nice add for the team. As for T.O. as a the T.O. he used to be, those days are gone, in terms of his play. What about the personality that made him so infamous?

I'd say age will keep it in check to some extent. He had a lot more to be cocky about six years ago. Not that I paid much attention, but I don't remember his schtick being an issue last year...correct me if I'm wrong. It's still a risk, and a sign that Spagnuolo et al have confidence that the young players on the team have bought into their system.

UPDATE: Jay Glazer of Fox Sports is reporting that Devaney and Spagnuolo will meet Monday to decide whether or not to seriously make an effort for Owens, which jives with the reports above.