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Relax says Demoff, Bradford will get a deal: Random Ramsdom, 7/21

"Hey, man, take it easy." That's not exactly what St. Louis Rams COO and contract guru Kevin Demoff said yesterday, but it's close. Asked about contract talks with QB Sam Bradford on local radio yesterday, Demoff said:

I don't think there's any reason to be nervous. These deals are complex. They take twists and turns up until the end, but it's a deadline league.

Deadlines, baby, deadlines. I kind of feel like we should have a daily Bradford update (today, nothing happened) sort of like Nightline during the Iranian hostage, I'm dating myself. Let's take another quick swing around the interwebs.


This isn't exactly NFL-related, but it's pretty cool. Football Outsiders is counting down the top 100 college football teamsof the last 100 years. I think one of the harder things to do with a countdown like that would be to separate the noise of the teams that dominate college football for a season or two from their historical counterpart.  

Lots of NFL players take time to give back to their community, and the Rams have a couple players doing some cool stuff for kids in their hometowns. I hope you saw Kevin Payne's post from yesterday about his youth football camp in Junction City, AR. Kevin makes the point that it's not the football lessons, it's the lessons about how to be a better person overall. It was really cool to read the posts on his Facebook page from the people who participated in the camp. 

Another Rams safety is stepping up for kids in his hometown. James Butler is sending kids back to school with new haircuts, getting back to school in style. Football camps and haircuts don't seem like a big deal to lots of adults, but for kids those kind of opportunities make a huge difference in their lives. Props to Butler and Payne and everyone else who steps up to give something back. 

My posts will be kind of limited the next few days as I'm burning the midnight oil to crank out the TST annual. I'll be around on the Twitter machine today if you want to holler.