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Rams fans surprisingly confident

I hope that you'll all vote in the fan confidence poll over on the left side of the page. It's a good way to take the temperature of the nation and get a sense of how we're all feeling about the St. Louis Rams just one week away from the start of training camp. 

With that pitch out of the way, let's discuss the last fan confidence poll in which you gave the Rams a 78...a 78! That's quite an uptick for a team that still has just one win in their last 16 games. So who spiked the fan punch? I have a few thoughts on the rating, influenced in part by my own vote. 

  • There really is light at the end of the long, dark tunnel. Sure the Rams are still a long way from competing, but they have a competent new administration in place, a young offensive line, a QB to build around and pockets of real talent spread across the roster. It's morning in Rams nation. 
  • Everything's relative. St. Louis' two other pro team, the Cardinals and the Blues, received lower marks from their fans. Those team, especially the baseball team, have much higher expectations and are coming off something slightly better than the equivalent of a one-win season in the NFL. 
  • Despite some phony intrigue around his contract, it looks very likely that Sam Bradford will be signed and in camp. The less uncertainty on that front the better. 
  • You're supposed to be enthusiastic in July. We're just days away from starting over again, opening a new chapter in the Rams history book. Throw in all the lame spring training anthologies that make Feb/March the month of cliches; you can't deny the positive vibes that come with the hope of renewal. 
Alright, explain your vote and be sure to vote again.