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Young QBs need to respect the old people

These young quarterbacks respect for their elders, I tells ya. Check out what Joe Flacco had to say about former St. Louis Rams QB Marc Bulger coming to town as his new backup.

I'm sure Marc is a great guy. But I had a great relationship with Troy and John. Depending on what happens, one of them might not be around and two of them might not be around. We'll see what happens.

We'll see how appreciative Flacco is when he needs advice on how to handle getting sacked five times in one game. 

Sam Bradford doesn't treat the olds like that, recall what the soon to be very rich man had to say about the mentor the Rams provided for him, A. J. Feeley:

I'm just excited to watch him and Keith (Null, a second-year pro) practice, because I know they're both familiar with this offense and they have way more experience than I do.

Sure, Bradford knows he's got something these guys don't have, starting caliber talent (and $50 million in guaranteed money), but still he knows his station. 

Uh, don't watch Null too closely. 

And to preempt the inevitable comments...I know Flacco is an established QB and King Sam is not. It's just something to talk about on an offseason Monday.