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Random Ramsdom: 7/19/2010

It's that day again. Monday. While you are at your office or place of work (or just moseying around the house) and "working" take a look at these links and familiarize yourself with what happened over the weekend.
  • Will Ndamukong Suh get a better deal then Matt Stafford? Considering the fact that both Suh and McCoy are waiting on Bradford to ink a deal, it doesn't seem unlikely that Suh could push past the 42 million mark.
  • This one is bittersweet for me...After expressing interest to help the Rams train and mentor their young receivers, Isaac Bruce left empty handed only to start teaching Devin Hester how to be a Mike Martzian Receiver. Do those comments by some former Rams begin to hold more weight?
  • Mike Sando throws out some info about the potential Bradford deal. The only problem I have is that he tells everyone to relax about how ridiculous the contract is. Seriously man? I'll start to relax when I can go to the game with one other person and not have to pay 150 dollars to sit in a section where I don't have to squint (I live in Seattle mind you).
  • Michael Silver checks in with the shark-man Steven Jackson. All part of rehab, I suppose?
  • TrojanRam weighs in on the Madden '11 ratings. Disappointed? Angry? Check it out for yourself!