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The Rams Should Sign T.O.

Yes, St. Louis Rams should seriously consider picking up Terrell Owens this off season. I am sure many fans and maybe some coaches don't want him on the team, but I think he would be a good addition. But from an on the field stand point he is the best free agent out bar none. Terrell Owens has been quiet for over a year now, even though he was on the Buffalo Bills last season he still didn't complain. I think the fact that no team has signed him or have shown him any interest could work in the Rams favor. Now I know T.O. most likely won't be the best model citizen, but if we signed him to a year or two contract I think it would work out.

I know that the St. Louis Rams have a backyard full of wide receivers, and yes these wide receivers have a lot of potential, but that alone doesn't win you football games or the Rams would have won more than one. I'm not saying we should make this move immediately, but around the middle of training camp, so that we can either let a wide reciever or two go after we saw them play for a while. Keenan Burton and Danny Amendola have to be the two on the hot seat right now. Keenan Burton can't stay healthy and although Danny is a good player it seems like Marty Gilyard was brought in to replace him.

Terrell Owens, would be a great addition for the Rams. I think that with T.O in the lineup would set up Donnie Avery and any other receiver that is in the game for some catches. Terrell Owens would command a double team for much of a game, and he can still make plays which is something that the Rams lacked last season. I know Laurent Robinson is a good talent but he has been injury prone for years now and there's no reaso

n to think that anything will change this season, then Donnie Avery also get's injured ever so often, That would be two starters at wide receiver out which would mean open season for Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson. Also I know most fans envision A.J. Green catching passes from Sam Bradford next season, but I'd rather win now then to wait for a reciever who never had great stats to finish a season, but Idk maybe that's me.

It is said that the St. Louis Rams have good wide outs, but they are more suited for number 2 or slot roles, so why not get a guy who we know is a number one receiver. Before you just write this off and say forget signing that clown think about this, Steven Jackson, Donnie Avery, Marty Gilyard, Laurent Robinson, Brandon Gibson and Terrell Owens now that seems like a pretty good offense to me. Also with huge questions at tight end, I think that making our wide recievers go from average to good would be a good thing.

Change never hurts if we can stop being conservative enough to draft a quarterback with the first pick of the draft, and give that man some protection, why not be aggressive enough to give that man some weapons. If he doesn't get the help he needs then we basically letting him commit suicide on the field like David Carr did. As fans we tend to over value our players for once take off your shades and look at the destruction of the 2009 season. The one thing that the St. Louis Rams have been lacking has been play makers why not sign one of the biggest play makers to a one or two year deal, after living through the 2009 season what can be worst?

Just think about Sam Bradford and T.O connection

T.O can still make plays .