The Rams Wide Receivers Depth Chart

1. Laurent Robinson

- Robinson looked very good last season before he got hurt. He ran very good routes, and can do the post route in the endzone (see game against the Redskins). He will be a super sleeper and will lead the team in receptions.

2. Donnie Avery

- Avery has definitely had his ups and downs. Avery is NOT a #1 receiver, and he never will be. When the "Idiot' (I mean Scott Linehan) drafted him, Torry Holt and Drew Bennett was in front of him. Avery is a very good option when you run screens and straights down the field for him. He is a flanker, if he and Robinson are healthy, they can compliment each other very well. Avery is running out of time, but at least he has an accurate QB named Sam Bradford.

3. Brandon Gibson

- Gibson now has a full year of knowing the system, not like last season where he had to learn on the run. I don't expect a great year, but I expect some key first downs from him. He reminds me of a Ricky Proehl.

4. Mardy Gilyard

- In his first year, Gilyard will be more involved in the return game, but his success in the receiving game will be determined by the chemistry he has with Sam Bradford. Expect Gilyard not to have great numbers in 2010.

5. Keenan Burton

- He also has a very short leash like Avery, if he underperforms, Brooks Foster is ready to step in. Burton has average last season, and rarely got separation. I'm not even sure if he is healthy or not. This very easily could be his last season as a Ram.

6. Brooks Foster

- Foster will not dress to start the season. He will fill in if someone can't play that week. Foster is at least a Devaney pick so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully in 2010, he can stay healthy and make a contribution.

Practice Squad: Dominique Curry Brandon McRae

- I heard they're alright, the practice squad looks good for them.

Cut: Jordan Kent & Danny Amedola

- Kent is only good as a special teamer and unfortunately Amendola will be pushed aside by Mardy Gilyard. I loved Amendola, he was the best since Tony Horne. But Gilyard is better, but Amendola will be signed by another team for sure.