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Random Ramsdom: 7/1/2010

It's already July! That means fireworks and football (in that order) are not far behind. Those lucky enough to enjoy the sun, please do so (us folk here in Seattle have had two 75+ degree days in two months...not much of a summer). If you are stuck inside, you're probably itching for some Rams news and as always, you came to the right place.

  • You won't see Sam Bradford asking for a salary advance like some NFL players (Antonio Cromartie). Why? because he plans on investing it wisely. Of course, if all pans out well for Bradford, it won't really matter if he invests his one-two hundred millions he earns over his playing career; he'll be loaded regardless.
  • Michael Vick just can't catch any luck. Even if he isn't involved in the shooting that took place after his birthday party, his brother might. What will Roger Goodell do?
  • Jake Kaplan of the Daily Collegian catches up with Josh Hull, and he describes the opposite of what you want to happen as a player on draft day.
  • Carneros took a look at the Rams run defense yesterday. Definitely worth checking out. However, it does seem about that time that fans get overly optimistic about the next season, myself included.
  • Should kids play football? After the startling results of Chris Henry's brain-topsy (or whatever the medical people would like to call it, some people are questioning if they should. If parents don't want them to, they could always play soccer and fake the injuries. Like the pro's do.
  • (Late addition from 3k) Aaron Hooks at SBNation St. Louis looks back at the draft and doesn't like what he sees.
That's all for this morning. Enjoy today and for those of you who observe July 4th tomorrow, enjoy the prolonged weekend! (I know I will!). Go Rams!