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Another day, another OJ Atogwe update

It wouldn't be a normal day at TST without an update on Oshiomogho Atogwe, the St. Louis Rams would-be free agent. Today's line on Togs: The Miami Dolphins may or may not be interested. How's that for accuracy?

Now, before you accuse us of spitting out content with no regards to fact (that's what Bleacher Report is for), these conflicting messages about the Dolphins interest in Atogwe come from reliable sources. Last Thursday, as team began lining up to deny interest in Atogwe, Miami was one of those teams who seemed content to leave him languishing in free agency limbo.

Then Adam Schefter's Twitter account started a little buzz, noting that the Dolphins would be interested in Atogwe if the price was right. That's consistent with what we're hearing out of Detroit, that Atogwe's asking price is keeping suitors on the sidelines. Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland again echoed that. No word if he asked about Atogwe's mother. The Phins' interest is still best described as "lukewarm."

As for the Rams, GM Billy Devaney still seems hopeful, though it sounds like the asking price is an issue for the Rams too. 

I'm still not optimistic about the Rams re-signing Atogwe. Why? Eventually his asking price is going to come down; it has to if he wants to play this season. When he does put a new sticker on his window, teams like Miami or Detroit will be more willing to sign him and possibly make him better offers than the Rams. A team like the Dolphins would be attractive because they're that much closer to contending for a title.