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Bradford on Bradford

The St. Louis Rams wrapped up another week of OTAs before heading back next week for...more OTAs and minicamp. 

When you're practicing in shorts it's all about the playbook, which means for the Rams, it's all about Sam Bradford. And just how did Bradford fare this week?

Here's Spagnuolo (via the PD):

He's putting the ball in the right places and seems to be catching on with the offense.

Classic offseason muted praise from the coach. How about a receiver?

Here's Brooks Foster, whom you may have forgotten about:

He puts the ball on the money, his play-calling is really good, and he carries himself like he's been there before.

And Bradford himself:

I still have a long way to go; I know that. But I think being around the vets, especially A.J. and Keith, guys who have been in this offense, (helps). I see a play out here that I might think looked fine, the way it needs to be run. And then we get in the film room and they have some input: 'No, this needs to be quicker, this guy's route should be deeper.'