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Random Ramsdom, 6/4: McMichael lands in San Diego

It's Friday, and that's worth something, right? I've got you covered up in links to help you piss away the last workday morning of the week. Let's get random...


Comeback year for Bartell? - After a thigh injury limited his effectiveness last year, Ron Bartell is looking for a big rebound in 2010.

Chargers sign Randy McMichael - One former Rams replaces another former Ram (Manulameuna) in SD. McMichael might have contributed more with the Rams, but injuries, bad offenses and age limited him. The Linehan regime placed a much higher value on McMichael than they should have, a la Drew Bennett.

Redskins make Westbrook an offer - Is it one he can't refuse? THe skins offered Westbrook a two-year deal to round out their collection of one-time star running backs. Westbrook has yet to decide among the Rams, Redskins or Broncos.

Braaaains - What happens when the NFL and the Pentagon get together? Brain in jury research, that's what.