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2010 Rams Preview: The Fifth Down blog

Hello everyone, I know that it has been a slow news day today so I decided to share this article about the Rams that I am sure you guys would like to read.

Now before reading this I will basically tell you before you read it that this author is condemning the Rams  to a 4th place finish and basically saying that we will suck he, technically he didn't say that we would suck, and also for once someone didn't rank the Rams the last team in the Nfl. He did hit a couple of nails on the head though but, To me it just seems like he got the worst ideas of the Rams stuck them into a negative article and  just said oh well it's about the Rams only two people will read it.


Well here is the said article St. Louis Rams 2010 Season Preview after reading some of this I could tell that he didn't know what he was talking about for the most part , but I will give him credit he did start off with a very interesting beginning. He did hit some points though I won't say everything that he wrote was false it was just that a  somethings he said was, At least in my opinion especially about what he had to say about our defense

I am interested in hearing your opinion on this article if you don't want to read the whole here is an quote so that you get the idea of the way that the article is going which is what I  found interesting the most.

What’s worrying is that St. Louis’s two young gems – end Chris Long and middle linebacker James Laurinaitis – have low ceilings. Long is a tenacious, fundamentally refined all-around force, but he lacks the quick-twitch athletic prowess of a premium pass-rusher. In short, he’s destined to be a terrific role player. Laurinaitis posted big tackle numbers as a second-round rookie last year, but only because someone had to make the tackles. Laurinaitis lacks lateral agility and top-notch physicality, and at 23, he has only average diagnostic skills.