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Rams sign WR Mardy Gilyard to a $2.34 million contract

The St. Louis Rams have agreed to terms with wide receiver Mardy Gilyard, their fourth round pick. Gilyard signed a four-year, $2.34 million deal with a $552,000 signing bonus.

Over the weekend it was announced that the Rams had all their picks from the 2010 NFL Draft under contract, except for first round pick QB Sam Bradford and second round pick OT Rodger Saffold. Yesterday, I tried guessing what Gilyard's contract would like. Here's what I said:

WR Mardy Gilyard was the first player picked in the fourth round. Using the contracts of the players picked closest to him (via Mac's Football Blog), Gilyard should get a four-year, $2.34 million with a signing bonus in the neighborhood of $543,000. 

Not bad...of course, predictions are pretty easy thanks to the slotting used to determine rookie salaries.