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Random Ramsdom: 6/28/2010

Another dreaded Monday morning is upon us. Never fear though, as you'll be able to scroll through these fine links people have prepared for you this morning (oh, and just so we are cross-referencing sports, soccer really needs to get instant replay. I mean...come on):
  • Thinking of catching some Rams training camp action? Here are the dates you need to remember.
  • Ross Tucker over at SI doesn't think the coaches need to work as hard as they do. You know, it could just be because a near billion dollar business is put into their hands, but I would say that pressure definitely has something to do with it.
  • The Rams front office had a busy day a few days ago if you didn't catch it; the Rams signed all their picks except Bradford and Saffold.
  • So apparently, some people believe the SB should be played on a Saturday. I know, I know, my jaw hit the floor too when I saw it. Blasphemous.
  • Here's hoping that the Rams lower-round WR draft picks pan out. They might have more of a chance then you think.
That's all for this morning. Hopefully we will get some more interesting news as the day (or week) pans out. It's time to ink the rest of the draft picks. Make it happen Demoff.

Enjoy Monday everyone and go Rams!