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The return of optimism: St. Louis Rams fans speak out

The wires may have been relatively quiet, but St. Louis Rams were in a frenzy this week. Highlighted by the return of an old friend, the FanPosts this week were excellent.

Those of you who know TSTer edpjr are familiar with his take on the Rams. Thus is comes as a bit of shock to read his first FanPost in a long time predicting the 2010 Rams to win a few games.

After a careful and detailed analysis, there are several key factors: (1) the arrival of Sam Bradford, (2) the departure of several decrepit players and some just plain bad eggs, (3) a cake walk of a schedule, (4) surely Spags and Shurmur won't make the same stupid mistakes calling plays this year, and finally (5) mostly sheer dumb luck.

Welcome back edpjr!

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