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St. Louis Rams recommended reading: Manning to Bradford comparisons

You know that time of year when there's almost nothing football related happening? Well, it's here, it's now...and together we can get through this thing. 

Be strong. 

We do have some solid fanposts to pass along today, and should have an interesting vote for the Fanpost of the Week. Anyway, take your pencils out from behind your ear and jot down a few notes about these must reads for St. Louis Rams fans. 

Here's an interview with undrafted rookie free agent WR Dominique Curry, whose giving Rams coaching something to think about with a strong spring performance. 

MooseKnuckles41 compares Peyton Manning's rookie season with expectations for Sam Bradford

Strike77 wonders about which Rams receivers will make the final cut

That's enough to keep you looking busy on hot June day at the office. 

We've also got a new fan confidence poll, with results tallied weekly. Be sure to vote.