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Random Ramsdom: 6/21/2010

Does anyone else think this is the year of reckoning for all those sports that reject the clear benefit of technology? First, there is the blown perfect game, which regardless of media exposure is something that pitcher surely wanted and then fresh of off the heels of U.S. World Cup disaster is the latest one involving Brazil. If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. If getting run into is cause for a card, I might understand why soccer players flamboyantly flail around whenever their shoe laces come undone. But hey, this is Rams time, right?

  • A few days old, but worth a mention: Sam Bradford is not only easing in with the first string, but also with the playbook. Of course it can't be that hard to hand off, or will Shurmur finally take the training wheels off this time around?
  • Bill Coats also has a couple of updates from last weeks practices. Nothing too major, but it's always nice to get a few injury updates.
  • Teams continue to sign draft picks. It'd be nice if the Rams started doing the same, at least with the lower round guys.
  • Are you ready for a "twinterview" about Sam Bradford? Ramsherd has you covered. 
  • Mark over at Ramsgab has a look at the Rams and fantasy football. My advice? Stay away, unless you enjoy losing. I learned that lesson the hard way after having the misfortune of drafting Steven Jackson last year with my first pick, with Chris Johnson still on the board.
That's all for today. Hopefully everyone enjoyed Father's Day Weekend!