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Could Harvey Unga make sense for the Rams in the NFL supplemental draft?

The NFL supplemental draft is the best draft you've never heard of, and one that teams rarely use to bolster their roster. Set to happen next month, there's one player that could be of interest to the St. Louis Rams. BYU RB Harvey Unga will declare for the supplemental. Could the Rams use Unga as a backup to Steven Jackson?

Unga was the all-time leading rusher at BYU before getting the boot because of an honor code violation. Besides rushing, he was always a credible pass catcher out of the backfield, nabbing 86 passes for 964 yards and 8 TDs in his first two seasons at BYU. He didn't see much action in the passing game this year with just 16 receptions, 121 yards and 1 TD. The receiving side of his game certainly fits with the profile of the backs the Rams have on their roster.

Of course, with the supplemental draft, a team surrenders a pick in the equivalent round in next year's regular draft. The Redskins used their 3rd round pick in last year's supplemental draft for Kentucky DE Jeremy Jarmon. Unga is expected to fetch a 5th round pick. But is it worth it for the Rams?

Mocking the Draft says he profiles more as a fullback in the NFL (hello, Brian Leonard). More importantly, is he a significant enough of an upgrade over what the Rams have in Chris Ogbonnaya? Or, is he enough of an upgrade over what the Rams might find available as teams make roster cuts between now and the start of the season? I think it's a stretch.