Mel Kiper's Offseason Audit on the Rams.

While looking at the Rams roster Lord Helmet:

AKA Mel Kiper, has evaluated the NFC West rosters and identified the holes and where teams will need adressing later on.

"So with the draft clearly in mind, let's do a quick summer audit on the situations of the teams in the NFC West. I kicked this off last week with the AFC West. What I'll hit do is hit three things:

1. A crucial influx, such as an impact player or position group.
2. A question mark that still lingers.
3. If the team had a chance to draft anyone from the upcoming draft class right now to address a hole, who it would be. (If your team does or doesn't have an early pick in next year's draft isn't the issue -- it's just a hypothetical involving top college talent and current needs.)

So call it a check-up and a look-ahead wrapped together -- part deep projection, part current need.

St. Louis Rams

Crucial influx: We all know about Sam Bradford, but whether they choose to start him or not from the start of the season is still a big question. What isn't is I think second-round pick Rodger Saffold is a guy who can help immediately at guard, and further strengthen an offensive line they've been trying to build for a few years. The other pick I see as an immediate starter isJerome Murphy, the corner out of South Florida. The 25th-ranked pass defense could use all the help it can get.

The question mark: Whether it's Bradford or A.J. Feeley, there's no reason to believe the Rams will be scaring people with their passing game. What I'm concerned about is that the depth at running back isn't adequate. We consider Steven Jackson a workhorse back, and he is, but in both 2007 and 2008, he didn't make it through the season unscathed, missing four games in each. Kenneth Darby is a decent football player, but he doesn't scare anybody as the No. 2 option in that running game. If teams are more confident than ever in stacking the box to take away Jackson, a little added mix at that position would be good, but I don't see it available.

Next April's pick, now: A.J. Green, WR, Georgia
There is no better way to help out a young quarterback than to give him a player like Green, who can make any QB look good if you put the ball in his area."

Well I think he hit the obvious, however where is his assesment of the missing help at DE and maybe even at OLB?

I think he is right about addressing WR in the 1st round next year, however I think Baldwin is the route to go. Just my two cents.

Hail Lord Helmet!