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Sam Bradford takes reps with the Rams first team

For the St. Louis Rams, the Sam Bradford era started when the commissioner announced the team's pick at the 2010 NFL Draft. The Bradford Era (B.E.?) won't start in earnest, however, until the first overall pick is officially handed the keys to the Rams offense. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo moved his team one step closer to that inevitable moment at practice today, giving Bradford some work with the starting unit

It's still waaaaay too soon to know if Sam Bradford will be the Rams starting quarterback when opening day rolls around in September. Spring practices, in all their padless glory, will certainly be important in the decision by giving coaches a better idea of his grasp of the playbook, timing in the offense, etc. When the pads come out and the hitting starts next month, we'll get a lot more info on Bradford's readiness. 

When will Bradford be starting? We'll likely know sometime during the about hedging. 

Other developments:

The Rams cut six players today as they slim down the roster ahead of training camp. CB Cord Parks, S Jeromy Jones, LB KC Asiodu, LB Freddie Harris, DT Ernest Reid, and DE Sean Conover were all given their walking papers. Parks played in two games for the Rams last year. The team can take just 80 players into training camp. 

The Rams expect to start signing draft picks after OTAs wrap this week. Expect Bradford to be the last to sign, if recent precedent means anything.