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St. Louis Rams training camp dates

With spring minicamp now in the books, the St. Louis Rams have just three more days of spring OTAs this week, followed by another week of work exclusively for the rookies. 

The field at Rams Parks won't be dark for long - and we won't have to suffer through too many weeks without football - before the team kicks off training camp in July. The full schedule for the St. Louis Rams training camp should be announced later today, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we do know when training camp starts. 

Rookies will report for training camp on Wednesday, July 28. The rest of the team reports on Friday, July 30, with the first full team practice happening the day after that. 

Preseason play starts on August 14, when the Rams welcome the Vikings to the Dome. 

The pajamas come off and the pads go on in just about six weeks.