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Random Ramsdom, 6/11: Rams speed it up for Bradford

Jumping right in...

New pages in the playbook, different blitz packages...St. Louis Rams rookie QB Sam Bradford is getting plenty of new material this spring, courtesy of the Rams coaching staff. They're keeping him on his toes, it'll be interesting to see how he puts it together when the pads come out this summer. No pressure. 

What does DT Chris Hovan offer the Rams? Uh, not much according to this scouting report.

Is the NFL rule that keeps rookies from practicing with their teams until after final exams, as is the case with Rams draft pick Mardy Gilyard, really necessary? On one hand, I can see that, ideally, it provides a small motivation to finish school, for the seniors at least. Gilyard withdrew from school for the spring semester, so he's been kept off the field in spite of the fact that he's not currently taking classes. 

How would you like to be Lane Kiffin? Taking a dream job at USC only to have the previous administration's gaffs set the program back more than a few years. 

About that mock draft contest...I'm on it, but give me some time to get it done. 

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