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Will Isaac Bruce make it to the Hall of Fame?

It's official, Isaac Bruce has retired from football as a member of the St. Louis Rams. Ram_rod had links aplenty today to Bruce-related materials.

Be sure to check out the official Rams site for the video of his press conference, tribute photos and video and more. They've also got the transcript form his short chat with fans. As to his future with the Rams, Bruce tipped his hand in that chat:

Fan question: As of today, do you see yourself in the future connected with either the RAMS or the City of St. Louis?

Bruce: Yes.

I really hope the Rams bring him into the fold somehow. For team glistening with talented young receivers, a guy like Bruce could put them over the top.

Bruce played the game for us, making each Sunday a memorable occasion. Though his 4 TD effort in a 1999 win against the 49ers is pretty memorable, my favorite Bruce memory came in week two of 2007. The Rams were a long way from their glory days, that was obvious. The Rams lost an early lead, but battled the whole time, thanks largely to the 140 some yards Bruce had. I remember watching that game and thinking that the Rams had lost their way. They got blown out in their next two contests, and even though they did manage to win three games that season, it was clear that things were headed downhill and would stay there until the franchise changed the way it operated. Isaac Bruce was the exception, not the rule, and when the bulk of the roster wasn't playing with their hearts the way Bruce did, it was painfully obvious that something needed to change.

I don't get real sentimental about things. In fact, when it comes to sports I'm not a very sentimental guy at all. Just not the way I approach the experience of being a fan. However, I hated to see Bruce go. I knew that would hurt the Rams even though the rational side of me kind of understood what was going on. I was glad that he didn't have to suffer through the turmoil of 2008, but the Steve Spagnuolo couldn't have had a bigger asset in trying to institue his four pillars last season than Isaac Bruce. Bruce was "four pillars" before anyone even heard that term.

After years of bad management and turmoil, the Rams are finally on the right track. It's only fitting then that they brought Isaac Bruce back so that he could retire as part of a franchise finally back on the road to respectability.

I'm damn glad to see that Bruce retired a Ram.

There won't be another player like him. Fans, share your favorite Isaac Bruce memories in the comments.

As for the Hall of Fame question, there's not a doubt in my mind that he belongs there.