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Random Ramsdom: 6/10/2010

Here are today's links:
  • First off, don't screw with the NCAA. Pete Carroll is probably happy he got out when he did, because the Trojans got slammed with penalties, bans, and revoked scholarships from the Reggie Bush scandal. 
  • Secondly, pay attention to the contract negotiations with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Sam Bradford and his agent most likely are, and what they get could very well affect what they look for in a contract, because well, he really is deserving of the largest guaranteed contract for any player in the league.
  • Blast from the past! The Redskins picked up Mike Furrey. I always liked that guy, and I'm glad he's able to continue playing football.
  • Isaac Bruce retired a Ram and is already making waves with the players, past and present. Note to the Rams: get this guy an assistant job or something. Seriously. Whatever it takes to get him a role on this team from a coaching/mentoring perspective, do it.
  • Mike Sando has some notes from Steve Spagnuolo. It's a shame the Rams don't have more talent to help a coach like this out.
  • Will over at Ramsherd is dead on in his assessment that Ike is a Hall of Famer. Also from Ramsherd: a painful look back at Week 2 of 2009, a game the Rams could have easily won.
That is it for this Thursday. Enjoy it, and as always, Go Rams!