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Adios Atogwe

According to the superhuman tweeting powers of Adam Schefter, O.J. Atogwe is all set to become a unrestricted free agent. It's going to be tough to gauge where he'll go (Schefter believes he could still stay with the Rams), but since us fans have been pretty much kept silent on the issue, the prognosis doesn't look to good (Profootballtalk throws their hat in the ring as well). Granted the Rams could still pull something out from where the sun don't shine, but at this point, that's pretty wishful thinking.

Adding to that fear that Atogwe is long gone is the fact that Miami, Dallas and Minnesota appear to be interested. From a player's perspective, that is asking a lot to come back to the lowly 1-15 Rams when you have playoff (or Superbowl, depending on what you think will happen with the Brett Favre Show) teams waiting on you to make a move. Since the Rams don't appear to be willing to throw big money at him, the odds of him returning aren't good.

Keep in mind, the Rams have had plenty of time to make a deal and still do, but at this point, it just doesn't look like Atogwe will be in a Rams uniform in 2010.

[Note by ram_rod, 06/01/10 11:21 PM PDT ] Kudos to RBramfan who posted the link in the comments. It's official, Atogwe is a free agent.