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Atogwe deal still possible

The St. Louis Rams have until midnight to get a deal done with FS Oshiomogho Atogwe. It's very unlikely that the team will extend him a qualifying offer of almost $7 million (due to his status as a fifth year RFA with no labor agreement in place). That doesn't necessarily mean the end of Atogwe's days in a Rams uniform though. Bill Coats of the Post-Dispatch mentioned in an online chat today that there was still a chance the Rams could sign him to a long-term deal

Stay tuned. A rumor went around last month that the Rams made him an offer comparable to the deal they signed with SS James Butler last year, an offer that infuriated Atogwe and stalemated negotiations. Like I said, that's just a rumor. We'll know soon enough how the situation gets resolved and probably some of the gritty behind-the-scenes details that would confirm that rumor. 

They reportedly worked through the weekend on a contract with Atogwe. 

Another rumor...

Speaking of rumors, LenDale White's name is bubbling up around the internet in connection with the Rams and the Houston Texans. Again, I somehow doubt that Devaney is giving White serious chase considering the team's emphasis on the whole "four pillars" thing and the suggestions that White's release from the Seahawks had to do with attitude and/or a possible four game suspension. 

Last year's seventh round pick, RB Chris Ogbonnaya, has shown some talent in limited work, and certainly deserves some looks in camp this year. ESPN's Mike Sando shared some interesting thoughts on that possibility recently.

Major TST announcement and help wanted

Rams fans, the crew here at TST is working on a season preview/annual that should hit electronic shelves just in time for the 2010 season. Individual player reviews, a look back, a look ahead, stats, drafts, prospects and all that jazz you've come to expect here on the site. As for the cost, it'll be absolutely free.  

We do need your help to make it happen. Because of copyright laws, we'll be limited in what photos we can use...very limited. If you are planning to visit OTAs or training camp this year, we would sure love to talk to you about using some photos. Just let me know if you're planning on going...or if you've got photos from years prior. You can email me at the little envelope icon next to my name at the very bottom of the page. [Note by 3k, 06.01.10 4:49 PM EDT] Any photos we decide to use will of course be given proper credit.  We're still in the initial phases, but any photos would really help the design.  We're trying to make this as TST-centric as possible, so any contributions on the photo front would be a huge help.  Thanks, guys!

Also, TST will be heading to training camp this year (we'll see in how official of a capacity). I'm considering asking our growing community for small donations to help defray the costs associated with the trip. In the poll below please indicate whether or not you'd be willing to chip in a small donation to help expand our reach. Any money left over would be reinvested in the site for contest prizes, additional coverage opportunities, etc. If enough people seem willing to do this, we'll move forward. If not, no biggie, the same great TST you know and love will continue just fine.  [Note by VanRam, 06/01/10 4:32 PM EDT ] I pulled the poll, and we'll be reconsidering this.

If you are planning to attend training camp, let us know in the comments section. We just might have to organize a little TST meet and greet.