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Random Ramsdom: 5/6/2010

I don't know about you guys, but today is a huge today for me, because I'm finally done with finals....At least until next December. Anyway, here are today's links, enjoy them while I suffer:
  • Wondering why Osi Umenyiora never kicked the tires with his old Coach Spags? It was probably because he was "off limits." Of course, off limits probably means we won't trade him unless the Raiders come calling, but who knows at this point, since the Raiders appear not to be run by an insane crypt keeper anymore? 
  • The NFLPA and the Owners can't even agree on a rookie pay scale. According to math, if the rookie's paychecks are scaled back, 200 million will be sucked out of the draft. Half of that would go to the retired players pension (good idea). The other half would go automatically to the veteran players (bad idea). Why the hell should the owners automatically have to throw an extra 100 million at the players for no reason? If you perform better, you make more. Why can't it be as simple as that? There is no such thing as free cash.
  • David Vobora is suing the maker of the supplement that got him in trouble. Defending a player who allegedly tested positive for steroids is gray area, but I sure applaud him for sticking to his guns.
  • Ramsherd is not optimistic about Steven Jackson's injury, while Sando is slightly more optimistic.
  • Sando also has a video of Rodger Saffold being interviewed about getting to King Sam. Or The Samchise. What is his official nickname again?
  • Jeff over at Ramsgab looks at the violent nature of football. I love the quote he uses from Ross Tucker:
[The NFL] is the last bastion of pure, unadulterated, testosterone-laden barbarism. That, of course, is a huge part of why it is so great and we love it so much.

Hopefully that provides everyone with enough reading ammunition for the day. I know I'll sure need some. Have a good day everyone!