Let Me Tell You A Little Bit about Who I Am - @Kevin_Payne


I gotta admit... It sure was cool reading the comments posted after the video I left you yesterday. They really made me feel good. It's stuff like that which makes me start to feel more at home here in St. Louis.

Your comments also continued to prove to me how cool it is that I get to hang out with the fans on the net. I love communicating with you guys; I did this sort of thing a lot when I was with the Bears, and I fully plan on continuing to do so now that I'm with the Rams.

Since I'm the new kid around here, I figure the right thing to do would be to tell you a little bit about myself. And after you finish reading this, I hope you guys will head over to my Facebook page and intro yourself to me to let me know why you're such a big Rams fan.

SO... In a nutshell, I'm really just a down-to-earth, country guy, who comes from a small town (El Dorado, Arkansas) and - just like anyone else - likes to have some fun. Here are a few of the things that keep me occupied other than football...

  • Fishing: Definitely one of the best ways to relax.
  • Riding four-wheelers: Devin Hester and I (and sometimes some of my other team teammates) would do this A LOT.
  • Jet skiing: MAN, I love to jet ski! It's like riding a four-wheeler on water - Ha! Every summer in Chicago we'd get crazy on those things!
  • Bowling: This is easily one of my favorite sports. And I'm good at it, too. Like, REALLY GOOD (Ha!). In fact, if my buddy with the Bears, Chris Harris, doesn't stop talkin' mess about my game, I'm gonna have to take him to the lanes and prove who the real "Hitman" of the pins is. Seriously.
  • Poker: Texas Hold'em is my game. If anybody out there thinks they can bluff me, don't even try. It just ain't gonna happen.
  • Cooking: Putting together a good meal is definitely one of my biggest passions. I'm into this so much that I'm gonna have to save my thoughts on this subject for another post.

So that's a little bit about myself. Obviously there's a lot more to me, but the above serves as a pretty good general overview.

Like I said above... Now that I'm adding Ram fans to my list of interests, I wanna know more about what's going on in your world. So feel free to click the banner below to message me on Facebook or Twitter (@Kevin_Payne) to let me know what's going on with ya.