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Rams cut Mike Reilly

The St. Louis Rams have a few less decisions to make come August having announced three cuts to the roster today. Hitting the street are: QB Mike Reilly, WR Travis Brown and CB Marcus Brown. 

The most interesting cut is Mike Reilly. Like last year's sixth round pick, QB Keith Null, Reilly was a small school standout who put up some impressive numbers at Central Washington. He was undrafted last year, though some thought he could have been an mid-round pick, before signing with the Steelers, then bouncing over to the Packers before finding a home on the Rams' practice squad in December. 

Reilly had plenty of folks who talked up his potential, and he could find a home somewhere else. 

The Rams had no use for a developmental project at QB, having just drafted Sam Bradford with the first pick in the draft and Keith Null still being a work-in-progress himself.